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Sales period, sendai airport website www. This means we are used to existing passenger facility charge effective date, united states seeking: In addition, the Company provides transaction overview and budgeting via the App. It is also a member of the Mastercard card scheme. The amount deducted from your available balance will be converted to Swedish Kronor on the day of receipt of the Transaction request. A wholesale rate set by Mastercard shall be used, which will be available on each business day.

Changes in the exchange rate shall take effect immediately.

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Exchange rates can fluctuate, and they may change between the time you authorise a Transaction and the time Mastercard settles the Transaction. When the User uses the Card to make a foreign currency Transaction, PFC Technology may charge an additional foreign currency exchange fee. The Service is currently offered only to customers in Sweden with a Swedish social security number and that are registered residents of Sweden. The Service is currently not offered to persons with protected identity.

The Service may also not be used for legal entities.

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Such a notification must be sent to PFC Technology by e-mail to hello getpfc. You further undertake to notify P. You can apply for your Card via the App, which you can download via your mobile phone.

The User must immediately sign the Card on the back and activate the Card via the App. You must never reveal your PIN to anybody. You will not be able to use the Card once it expires. A replacement Card will be automatically sent to you prior to the expiration date of your current Card fees may apply, see Section 3 above. Each Transaction must be authorized by the User. C website for registration, top up of account and at the respective Transaction.

PFC Technology is not responsible for eventual incorrect Transactions due to the User has entered incorrect information.

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The Issuer will receive the Users authorization for such Transactions almost instantaneously and the User will not be able to withdraw their consent to the Transaction after this time unless otherwise provided by applicable law. The User should pay particular attention to the fact that a Transaction can be accounted for in the account several days after the Transaction was completed. In some circumstances, Merchants may require the User to have an available balance greater than the value of the Transaction you wish to make.

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The User will only be charged for the actual and final value of the Transaction the User make and should ensure the User know the exact amount of the Transaction at the time you authorise the Transaction. The User is obliged to accept the Terms and Conditions of the business site for the ordering and cancellation of goods and services.

The User must not use their Card if the full deductible amount exceeds the available balance. The User can check the available balance anytime by using the App. This may include the case of Transactions carried out on airplanes, trains, and ships. The user is responsible for the fact that the account number and the amount are correctly filled in. PFC Technology is not responsible for any incorrect transactions because the User has entered incorrect information.

You must ensure you abide by these limits when using your Card. If there is a deficit in the Card balance, the User is obliged to immediately cover the deficit. In case of failure, PFC Technology may charge the User the fee for overdraft and overdraft interest calculated on the basis of the interest rate and according to the bases applied by PFC Technology at any given time.

If the prerequisites in item 9. The reservation regarding strike, lockout, boycott and blockade also applies if PFC Technology itself is subject to such a conflict. If there is an obstacle for PFC Technology to effect Transactions or to take any other action due to circumstances under this paragraph, the action may be postponed until the obstacle has ceased. PFC Technology is not responsible for any indirect damage. Complaints and other claims that the User wishes to do in such cases shall be directed directly to the Business Location.

When PFC Technology receives funds with a reporting obligation, these funds are placed at a Swedish bank. Such a bank is appointed by PFC Technology of their choice. The user is thus aware that his funds may be stored in a collection account at a bank.

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Whether the User has a proprietary right of separation in the event that PFC Technology or the bank would be bankrupt or affected by another measure with the corresponding legal effects may vary and depend on applicable law. Unauthorised Transactions and incorrectly executed Transactions. However, this does not apply if the User has contributed fraudulently to the unauthorized Transactions.