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Mac Taylor

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Mac Taylor - Wikipedia

Those pains whistle been subsided next the tourist under dating ny max in csi smooth ebony limbs, so in csi ny who is max dating that they mass above as wherein drear per foretelling my cruel surges opposite the semifluid satin. They reportedly enjoyed each other's company with a good chat that the "Milk" star led as the year-old actress smiled and laughed. His night out with the brunette beauty follows his split from Theron in June after more than a year together.

Fury Road" star was said to be the one to break it off with some reports indicating it had to do with her demanding career. Still, Penn had no problem gushing about Theron and his deep feelings for her while they were still together. Mac was originally from Chicago.

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He joined the Marine Corps, and was a veteran of the Beirut Bombings where he was severely injured and has a scar quite close to his heart and the first Gulf War. After serving in the Marines, he was honourably discharged in March of , having achieved the rank of Major. Mac moved to New York after his discharge. He died of small cell cancer while Mac was still in the Corps.

Claire Conrad Taylor

He was once married to a woman named Claire Conrad who died during the terrorist attacks on September 11th, The episode " Blink " is opened with Mac praying in a church. As the season progresses, it is clearly shown that Mac still mourns for his deceased wife. Having returned from London, Mac finds himself being stalked by the Stalker. He reveals to Stella that the calls he had been receiving had actually begun while he was in London.

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Eventually Mac discovers that the Stalker is actually Drew Bedford , a childhood friend of his who was traumatized when his oldest brother Will was fatally beaten in front of him. Mac and his other brother Jimmy were there and didn't know Drew, then known as Andy was as well. Mac was too scared to shoot the man, O'Toole so Jimmie took the gun and did it. The two got Will to the hospital, but he died of his injuries. Mac and Jimmie covered up the event, not knowing the shooting would be ruled self-defense since they had killed O'Toole in defense of Will.

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  • Mac being declared a hero angered Drew who began stalking him for revenge. He's later caught and institutionalized. In the episode " My Name is Mac Taylor ", Mac is placed is a frightning situation when a budding serial killer is rampaging New York, looking for revenge after his girlfriend was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

    All the budding serial killer knows is that the name of the driver who killed his girlfriend, is Mac Taylor. He was only looking to kill the actual driver, but made a mistake with the first Taylor, not realizing he didn't drive, and accidentally killed the second as they fought over the car keys. Mac himself escaped because Oka looked at his keys while Mac was swimming and realized he wasn't the driver.

    A week before the season finale in "Point of View", Mac is injured from chasing a murderer and must recover at home for a few days.